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About LiveSportsResults

Live Sports Results is everything the sports fanatic needs.  Created from two sports fans that wanted a one stop shop with all Live and updated Racing and Sports results as well as the ability to listen to the live race and sports calls.  Live Sports Results also gives you the ability to Bet instantly through to our preferred betting shop, Sportsbet....and suddenly a sporting paradise was alive.

    Live Sports Results is Free.  It delivers the live results of over 20 individual sports and over 80 leagues/categories/divisions.  Never miss a match, race or game again.  Whether you are sitting on the beach, in the car, at work, the couch, playing golf, watching the game or at the pub....Live Sports Results allows you to keep your eye on the action.

    Live Sports Results will give you news, results and the best tips from around the sporting globe and if you join up to Sportsbet via the application or the website “Bet Now” button, you will receive sign on bonuses and featured betting extras.  It’s all at the push of a button.  

    Enjoy Live Sports Results!